Essay upon Change Yourself to Change Your Community


Often times I hear people state " if I am in his position or perhaps status, I will do better and alter things for good”. This statement is made when people think that their supervisor (es), companies, leaders and government representatives are not carrying out or really fulfilling expectation. They will expect a whole lot from these individuals and obtain less than that they thought or envisaged.

There is this axiom that says " you cannot give or perhaps offer a thing that you don't have”. The gross indiscipline, wrong doings, under-development or deficiency of any Nation or sphere of human effort is a sum total or immediately proportional to the gross indiscipline, misconduct, under-development and lack of respective individuals in the Nation or ball of man endeavour. People want to modify things for good even when they are really not transformed themselves. How can you change, impact, or make impact inside your world when you are not transformed, influenced and impacted on your own inside?

Everybody can be crying for change, change and expansion when they are not changed, transformed and developed. How do you anticipate your frontrunners and companies to help you and solve the problems after they themselves are not able to help themselves and even resolve their personal problems? A good reason is that many them have not developed the complete mind probability of function properly in that ability.

In case you truly, truly, intentionally and passionately wish to change and influence the world, you should truly, sincerely, intentionally and passionately wish to change your total state (i. e. physique, spirit and soul). How could you bring about growth and development to your globe or the Land, when you have not/ are not introducing growth and development to yourself?

The attitude and character you display or portray right now will be associated with your personality and attitude when you finally turn into a leader in any capacity or perhaps field (i. e., in Academics, National politics, Business, Ministry, Sports,...