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P4 Explain two theories of aging

Disengagement Theory

This can be the first formal theory of aging and it was helped bring forward simply by Elaine Cumming and William Henry in 1961, and they viewed how contemporary society views seniors. During their exploration they identified that seniors disengaged from society. They will argue that old personnel withdraw from culture, for example they stop working/retirement, they prevent socialising, they feel that they are really no longer needed by wider world, for example they will younger generation, the wider society is not packed with family and friends, and that age is actually a number that represents what we should can and cannot perform. On representation we can see that view is definitely flawed because it is very went out with and does not show a true picture of modern-day society and views. Also this watch is the total opposite in the newer activity theory. M2

Agnes can be clearly component to disengagement theory because of the way of living she potential clients. She is a widow and therefore she has dropped her ongoing partner and has rolled away from contemporary society meaning the lady isn't speaking with people remaining active. This lady has no interpersonal life meaning that she has stopped socialising following disengagement theory. She has also past retirement so your woman isn't staying active at your workplace and keeping her head mentally healthier so she's more likely to turn into depressed while she has retreated back into her own community. Activity Theory

Robert Havighurst shuns disengagement theory and says that we fight shrinking in our own small world. This individual believes that a person who deals with to remain optimistic and stay active in their old age will not likely retract by society one example is they will stay in employment longer. He likewise stated that people choose what they wish to do, for example regardless of age they might choose to proceed skydiving because they are active enough to do so. Studies have shown that, if we remain active in our old age we could more likely to become mentally healthier and are less likely to suffer from depression, by way of example older people who engage in interpersonal activities and still have a social network of friends are less likely to become despondent then those who find themselves not doing social actions. However research has concluded that ill health, disabilities and widowhood all lead to inhibiting 65+ people from remaining energetic within society. M2

Marion in case study is usually clearly following activity theory because this lady has a healthy sociable life and a good social networking of friends and is socially active; she's of good well being therefore nothing can stop her choosing to do anything she wants, she people regularly consequently her person is fit and she is more happy because work out releases hormones which is a content hormone, she has independent and she noesn't need a any person relying on her and she doesn't have the strain of a hubby or children making her a more happy person general. P5 explain the physical and mental changes which might be associated with getting older The cardiovascular system

Age adjustments the blood in lots of ways and such as a decline in the volume of red blood cells, this constricts blood and it can cause blockages in the peripheral problematic veins by a blood clot. Likewise, there might be pooling of blood in the blood vessels in the legs because valves are not functioning effectively. Age-related changes in the cardiovascular system include a reduction in cardiac end result, a reduction in the elasticity with the heart's fibrous tissues this makes them sluggish, progressive vascular disease (fatty build-up or plaques) that can prohibit circulation, and replacement of damaged cardiac muscle fibres simply by scar tissue, which limits development of the heart failure muscle. Age-related changes in bloodstream are often relevant to arteriosclerosis. This is a thickening and toughening of arterial walls them become much less tolerant of sudden increases in pressure. Aging influences aerobic ability and cardiovascular system performance during exercise. Maximum exercise capacity and optimum oxygen intake slowly lower during the...

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