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Aggregate Demand and Supply Versions

Select and one of the following assignments:

Alternative 1: Economic Advisement Daily news

Imagine that your Learning Crew is a selection of economic advisors working for the U. H. president. You may have been tasked with evaluating the current point out of the U. S. economy and producing recommendations on the right way to improve this.

Part 1 Analysis and Recommendations:

Explain the current condition of the subsequent economic factors and assess how each affects aggregate supply and demand:

• Unemployment

• Expectations

• Consumer profits

• Interest rates

Develop a pair of recommendations for the president with regards to government spending and fees based on the economic factors' current condition.

Part 2 Evaluation of Recommendations:

Before you post your suggestions to the director, decide together to evaluate the recommendations coming from different viewpoints. Assign 50 % of your staff to evaluate the recommendations from a Keynesian perspective plus the other half from your Classical perspective. Based on these evaluations, what adjustments are you going to make on your recommendations, if perhaps any?

Write a 1, 050- to 1, 400-word report that summarizes the recommendations.

Option 2: Financial Critique

Suppose your Learning Team is known as a group of international reporters. You may have been requested with conveying and critiquing the current express of the U. S. economy.

Describe the present state with the following monetary factors:

• Unemployment

• Expectations

• Consumer Profits

• Interest Rates

Identify the present effect of the economic elements on aggregate demand and supply Identify monetary policies that are currently being advised by govt leadership. Assess the effectiveness of those fiscal policy recommendations through the Keynesian and Classical unit perspectives.

Create a 1, 050- to 1, 400-word newsletter that summarizes the results.