Essay regarding P1 Dreizen

P1: Identify the role internet marketing offers within a modern marketing framework.


D-travel is a country wide chain of travel companies in The Holland with head office in Hoofddorp. The string is section of the Cooperative D van living room Broek. Just lately, D-D likewise launched travel and leisure accommodation; this is a new market for non-public owners who would like to rend away their homes.

D-travels 1 ) 350 employees throughout the nation working in more than 170 places. They also have a call center in Breda.

Product: D-reizen offer service with products like booking vacations, flight tickets, hotels and other such things as renting cars, parking support, taxi assistance, train seats, travel catalogs, holiday insurance, ski models and publications.

Price: For all the products, D-reizen got diverse prices. Great and then they acquired special discounts. As case; Book at this point for Turkey and pay €99, - instead of €299, -.

Promotion: D-reizen makes use of several kind of promotions. They enhance by big posters clinging by the coach stations, making TV-commercials, marketing in different kind of magazines and promote a whole lot on the internet.

People: You will discover more than 1 . 000 personnel at D-reizen travel agency. If you need to work on the firm, you have to have a passion for vacation and stay oriented and informal. The employees that are working at the agency they go a whole lot of responsibility, because D-reizen finds it essential that you can continue to develop in your discipline or grow into leadership.

Processes: If you are looking pertaining to an holiday, you can book it yourself. This you can do it simply by go surf on the website and follow the instuctions. But if an individual know how it works and you want some tips of one in the employees you can go to the nearest D-reizen and they are happy to help you out to book a vacation.

Physical facts: As soon as you enter in one of the D-reizen travel agency, the truth is that there's a children field of play on one of the corners and right up coming to that a stand with chairs on each times. This would be the waiting place, across the room you see a few tables next to each other, each tables has an personal computer and book shelves behind it. This is where the employees help the consumers with providing them with travel information and arranging a booking; the wall is filled with different countries mags, these they offer away if you ask information about a particular country/city. The agency is usually decorated based on a colors and shades, especially the colors blue, yellow and lightweight brown, which dedicated the planet earth and normal water as it is a travel agency.

C: How does internet provide possibilities for business-customers dialogue and exactly how does a company build a relationship with their costumers? On the organization website the truth is on the part of the website where u can register with make an bank account, with this account you will see all your travelling information. D-reizen also send an email whenever they got a new special offer or want to keep you updated.

G: how can the application of internet help businesses to expand to new environments/markets? The use of net can help an enterprise to broaden to new environment by simply asking the customers/members to fill in a feedback piece about what they think about the travel agency so they really know what they must change or improve the organization.

E: Segmenting and targeting online-differences with traditional aimed towards. If you want for making an online reserving, you have to subscribe first and fill in all your personal information to generate an account. As you finished enrolling, you receive an email together with your username and password, this you will need to log in when you make a arranging or need your travel around information. If you are sure of reserving the getaway you can select how you need to pay it; PayPal, visa, visa or mastercard or SUITABLE. After paying of the booking you will get an email to confirm what you ordered that you will print out as a great evidence towards the ticket.

F: Increased usage of direct marketing-...