Essay regarding Pillow Angel Ashley

Cushion Angel Ashley

Michelle L. Porotesano

Bryant & Stratton College

MAAT111: Intro to Health Care

Teacher Smulsky

Summer 9, 2012

Many parents would whatever it takes for their children. But how far would several parents proceed just to gain them in caring for their particular child? Inside the Pillow Angel Ashley circumstance the parents had been ethically wrong in seeking her reproductive system organs always be removed. It was not only medically unnecessary, it was also illegitimate, and it had been all completed for the main benefit of the parents.

A team of physicians aided Ashley's parents in the process to do all of her procedures. All their roles through this controversy had been as enablers. The parents sensed that because Ashley had brain destruction they needed to stop her growth and menstrual cycle. Although the procedures had been controversial the parents were even now seeking for ways to make that happen. The so-called " treatments” that were performed had been breast bud removal to discontinue the expansion of her breast, a hysterectomy to remove her period, and estrogen therapy to weaken her growth. (Peace, 2007, ¶5) The proponents for the disabled assume that the doctors will never know the true benefit of their deeds. Dr . Douglas Diekema, who was the leader of the values board of Seattle Little one's Hospital, mentioned that actually he could hardly believe what the parents were asking he previously to take in to consideration why they wanted the techniques done. (Gibbs, 2007, ¶4) The treatment was not even analyzed yet and Ashley has not been in any hazard if she did not get the treatment. Thus was the treatment really beneficial to Ashley or more for her parents?

For the sake of comfort, Ashley's parents were ready to make an underhanded request of doctors. They wanted the treatments in the interest of making it becoming easier to allow them to move her and the capability to continue to lift Ashley on with baths and being able to dress her. (Gibbs, 2007, В¶5) Ashley was only six years old when her father and mother decided to include...