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Speech Analysis Assignment #1


Please solution the following concerns after reading the Area of the Free of charge Because of the Destitute speech on page 450 of the text.

Make sure you support the answers with all the material coming from chapters almost 8 - 10 in your book.

1 . Will the speech launch meet the criteria set up on g. 196 of your textbook? Why or really want to? Explain your answer.

2 . What is the thesis declaration of the presentation?

A thesis statement consists of the following elements:

1) A Controlling Thought (often called a Central Theme) – Your theme and what you intend to do with that (inform, teach, persuade)


2) A Listing of The Main-Points – They summarize and critique of your speech. Examples:

I enjoy my niece (controlling thought) because the girl with good-hearted, funny, and ambitious (main-points). I like riding my own mountain motorcycle (controlling thought) because it is fun, it will save gas funds, and it is good exercise (main-points). Public Speaking is very important because it can help you (controlling thought) organize your thoughts, deal with stress, and improve your communication skills. 3. You should cite two transition statements/signposts in the talk. Did the speaker effectively link her main-points? Describe your solution.

4. Which usually organizational design (covered in chapter 8) did the speaker work with? Why does the speech echo the pattern that you chosen?

your five. Based on chapter 10 within your text, performed the presenter conclude her speech efficiently?


Every single answer ought to be at least 50 words and recognized with facts from your text Please report your textual content in every single answer (Hamilton, p. 14)

Credit will not be granted to answers which in turn not satisfy the aforementioned requirements. Submit the answers in the appropriate drop box.

Past due assignments are not accepted.