Essay regarding Puerto Lujoso

Country Fact Page: Puerto Rico

Official Nation Name: Malograr Rico

Position: North America- Puerto Lujoso is an island meaning no countries border this. Countries close would be the Dominican Republic for the west, US Virgin Destinations to the east, Venezuela for the south(across the Caribbean Sea), and the ALL OF US to the north. Capital: San Juan

Scale Puerto Potentado Compared To A State: Roughly three times bigger than Rhode Island President (Puerto Rico is usually territory of USA. There is not any president only for Puerto Rico): Name- Barrack Hussein Obama II

Age- 51

Family- Spouse: Michelle Robinson, Children: Malia, Sasha

Government Type: Democracy

Self-reliance Day: September 4

Physical Features:

Mountains- Loma Las Tetas, Cordillera Central, El Yunque, etc . (main ranges) Lakes- Dos Bocas, Condado Lagoon National Playground, Guajataca. Primary Rivers- LoГ­za, Herrera, Espiritu Santo, Mameyes, Sabana, Fajardo, etc . Holiday seasons: Three Wiseman's Day which can be January 6 is when kids accumulate grass right into a box and leave it below their bedrooms for the camels so the wise guys leave presents and La Noche sobre San Juan( San Juan Night)or Heureux John's Night time which is precisely midnight among June 3 and twenty four, on the event of his birth time, people walk backward in the ocean and fall backwards into it. Cash 3 times within a row. Water is said to be " blessed", thus dipping with it is supposed to clean you with the bad points so as to deliver good luck or at least help defend against evil throughout every season. Famous People coming from Puerto Vasto:

Jennifer Lopez (J Lo)- Reputed for being an presenter and vocalist Jennifer Lopez is one of Hollywood's leading ladies who's also falsified a successful put and move music career. danced on the TV show In Living Color before her starring role in the film Selena. The lady turned to music and found main success for the pop and dance charts with visitors like " Get Right" and " Play" when continuing to garner Showmanship film function. Ricky Martin- Ricky Martin began showing up in commercials at age six. He...