Essay regarding Recruitment and Selection of Incepta Pharma

30th Sept, 2012

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Subject: Submission of report about " Recruitment and Selection Process of Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd” Dear Madam,

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Recruitment and Selection Process of Incepta Pharmaceutical drugs Ltd.

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September 31, 2012

Professional Summary

Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a leading pharmaceutical firm in Bangladesh which proven in the year 99. Now they may be exporting many in 57 countries. Around 4000 persons from varied disciplines are working in the business.

To achieve the goals and objectives, Incepta Pharma choose the right people both coming from internal and external options. Only for entry level employees each uses external recruiting and selection processes. All their external recruitment sources are universities and other organizations. Recruiting methods are job good, campus recruiting, internships, ad, employee recommendations.

They use extensive interview method while selection instrument. Person/organization staffing requirements model is to get priority in the selection process. Intended for mid and senior level employees they follow advertising system structured performance and experience. That they always favor employee referral.

The main main factor of the success of Incepta Pharma is strong friendly and cooperative working environment. Workers share their particular tasks with one another. In instantly vacancies of employment, workers work just like team.

SECTION ONE 1 . Introduction:

Recruitment is the process of identifying which the organization should employ somebody up to the point at which application forms pertaining to the content have reached the organization. Selection then includes the processes linked to choosing by applicants an appropriate candidate to fill a post.

Recruiting and variety is the main objectives of HR label of an organization. To attain the desired goals of an business choosing the right persons in right at time proper place is very important. Incepta follow their own recruitment and selection...