Essay regarding Solubility Curves

Normal water

Chemical formula- H2O

State at place temperature- Liquid

Colour- Clear

Melting point- 0oC

Hot point- 100oC

Water- good solvent and a range of substances is going to dissolve in it.

What happens if a sugar group dissolves in water?

When the sugar dissolves...

-The moving water molecules crash into the sugar particles

-The glucose particles in that case break away in the crystal and into the water -The glucose and drinking water particles then mix and diffuse evenly throughout.

Copper sulphate- blue crystals, hydrated because they may have water stuck within these people. When they are heated this water evaporates, the crystals become dehydrated and turn white.

Formula for this Effect.

CuSo4 5H2O ---> CuSo4 + 5H2O

Solute- Sturdy which is dissolving

Solvent- liquefied in which the solute dissolves

Solution- the solute and solvent mixed jointly

Sodium hydroxide- Soluble

Copper Oxide- insoluble

Calcium hydroxide- Insoluble

Silver iodide- insoluble

Aluminum nitrate- soluble

Most ionic substances will dissolve in water but covalent chemicals usually wont dissolve.

Solubility of a solute = mass of a sturdy required to a saturate 100g of normal water at a specific temperature.

Determining Solubility

2g potassium chlorate dissolves in 20g drinking water at 28oC what is it is solubility?

a couple of x 100/20 = 12. 0g potassium chlorate/100g normal water

4g potassium sulphate dissloves in 30g water for 50oC what is its solubilty?

4 back button 100/30 = 13. 33g potassium sulphate/100g water

30g sodium chloride dissolves in 75g drinking water at 10oC what is the solubility?

40 x 100/75 = 40g sodium chloride/100g water

Solubility Of Gases

Carbon dioxide is the gas which is mixed in fizzy drinks to make the fizz.

What happened when you put sprite within a boiling conduit and offered it a shake? The sprite fizzed up.

What happened after you warmed the sprite then gave it a shake again? If fizzed just a little

Carbon is more sencillo in cold liquid.

The solubility of gases...