Staff persistence and

dependability in customer service.


• This business presentation is about how staff regularity and

dependability in customer care contributes to ensuring that an business has pleased customers.

I i am an associate working in a persons resources

division of a private company and my HOURS manager has

designed a sensible training course to be delivered inhouse. I have to build a set of demonstration slides with added remarks, describing how staff regularity and

dependability customer service contribute to ensuring that an

organisation provides satisfied customers.

What is consistency?

Consistency is offering the same regular over and over again.

Non-public customers (external)

Are satisfied………

through staff attention (the customers should feel that the staff has his or hers mind and attention on the customer certainly not


through sympathetic personnel

because challenges solved. simply by solving the customers problems

the consumer would like it and may come back)

because self-confident of help

because information great

because rights covered

since can usually return products

because gets value for money

mainly because business is known as a " friend”

Customers happen to be satisfied the moment hey satisfy the service they expect. every organisations wish to pleasure their customers by exceeding all their expectations.


• Businesses having a great customer

assistance makes the clients happy once

met with all their expectations they will

come back and rely on your business

Business clients. (external)

are satisfied:

because associates are available

through reliable assistance

with item knowledge

with specialized help

with very good ongoing romantic relationship

with contribution to possess activities

because own customers happen to be satisfied

Generally, reliability is a ability of the person in order to perform as well as its features in routine circumstances. And is something you can relay in.

Business customers (internal)

Satisfied mainly because own work

can be done better

Happy because team-work


Happy because business

processes improve

Satisfied since morale is usually


The national client council thinks that ‘smart business' will need to ensure that similar member of staff works with an individual client from seed to fruition. whilst this can be a ideal.

Code's of perform

3 levels of unique codes;

Industry unique codes of practice

relate to issues that affect many different types of Organisation, such as advertising or recruitment, in order to the organisations that run in a particular industry like the water, gas, motor or mobile phone sector.

Organisational rules of practice

are written by a business to create out its standards for

customers. Occasionally these are known as Customer Charters,

particularly inside the public sector.

Professional codes of practice

set out minimum standards pertaining to professional staff, such as

solicitors, accountants, doctors and social workers. They sometimes are drawn up simply by professional bodies on behalf of their very own members.

Most organisations give special teaching to personnel to ensure that everyone has the same approach with external consumers.

Effective customer support

• Businesses with excellent customer

assistance benefits a large number of people

The customers

The business company

The member of staff delivering customer


How service affects customers

• If the organisations provide good service the

customers will be happy and possibly will go back

to receive more good assistance. this is a good

influence on the organization because they get replicate


• But if the organisation provides poor service for

e. g.. A customer requests a £10 pound top rated up

plus the customer does not receive that the

client will not keep coming back and the

enterprise will loose business.

The organization organisation