Essay regarding Steganography: The ultra-modern Day Unseen Ink


Steganography: The present day Day Hidden Ink

Controversia Bowlin

CINT 106

Teacher Carole Bachmann

Ivy Tech Community College or university of Indianapolis

As a child, were you curious by the thought of sending a secret communication to your closest friend? Perhaps you had been fascinated by the idea of using a hidden ink dog pen. If so , then I advise learning about steganography. According to the on the net Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the meaning of steganography is the skill or practice of hiding a message, photo, or file within another message, image, or document (Merriam-Webster, 2011). People are able to use many different techniques for steganography, utilizing it for a various reasons. Steganography has been employed for many years in forms including invisible printer ink, microdots, and in many cases tattooing a note on a person's bald mind and then allowing the hair grow back out. Modern-day increasing utilization of computers, even though, has made sending a top secret message less difficult than you would ever be able to imagine.

You will find different reasons someone may want to use steganography. Governments may choose to use it to for hidden missions. They can let their particular troops in a different place know what another move should be in a war. Criminals may additionally use steganography. Some people think that steganography may have been a tool employed by the people that planned the attacks on 9-11. Likewise, some people think there could have been hidden text messages in the video clips that were moving that Osama bin Filled appeared in (Kessler, 2001). Appallingly, kid pornographers could use steganography to cover files. An optimistic use intended for steganography will be for designers and photography lovers who want to make sure their copyrighted materials do not get stolen is always to add a watermark to their photos. Files that you may hide secret messages in include JPEG, BMP, WAV, PNG, HTML, and MP3 FORMAT and MP4. It is better to use it within a file that uses lossless compression. Ways you can use steganography include covert channels, hidden in web pages,...

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