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Chaitén and Etna assessment essay

Chaitén is actually a 2 . 5km wide and 4km long volcano that may be located in the south east of Chile and engulfed for the first time in around being unfaithful, 400 years on Comes to an end 2nd May well. The volcano is a caldera which is located above a subduction area where the Pacific Ocean plate is definitely consumed underneath the South American continental crust. The volcano is composed of viscous rhyolitic lavas and pyroclastics and is typical of the magmas rising throughout the young fold mountains with the Andes. The eruption has been said to have been triggered with a string of earthquakes that occurred on 30th April. Here is a diagram showing how Chaitén is located above a subduction region formed where the Nazca and South American plates collide. In this subduction zone melting produces caos that goes up towards the surface:

Support Etna can be found in Sicily, Italy and has become Europe's highest volcano at a few. 31km very long and most active volcano, with its history stretching as considerably back to more than 5000 years. Similar to Chaitén, Mount Etna's volcanism stems subduction but this time through of the African Plate underneath the Eurasian Dish as proven by the picture below. Contrary to Chaitén, Support Etna is actually a stratovolcano that erupts basaltic lava, containing low viscosity and is as a result able to travel and leisure significant ranges.

As AD 1600, Mount Etna has noticed 60 flank eruptions and a lot of summit lesions. One example is 1669 wherever extensive lava flows via Mount Etna engulfed the village of Nicolosi and another is at 1928 each time a large lava flow destroyed the town of Mascali in only two days. An even more recent case is in 2002-2003 where Install Etna engulfed and plonked up a big column of ash that deposited materials as far away as Libya, 600km south across the Mediterranean and beyond. Such breakouts have led to potential dangers such as seismic activity connecting with edgy activity which is the same as volcano Chaitén's eruption being induced by a group of earthquakes. The...