Essay regarding Technical Analysis

This doc contains the complex technical analysis of the ICICI bank stock as per the movements of the inventory in NSE Nifty. The analysis protects Moving Typical, MACD, ROC, RSI, and Parabolic SAR, each indication provided a detailed technical knowledge of the sock over the period of past one full year. It is meant to aid the analysis of ICICI inventory as a potential candidate to get a securities stock portfolio. Technical Charts

The charts below reflect the plots of various specialized indicators to get the ICICI bank share as per the one year functionality in the NSE Nifty. The Red and Green dotted lines suggest the parabolic SAR and the two gray lines constitute the Bollinger Artists. Last Operate Change Prev Close Open up Bid Ask

744. 85INR -12. 35(1. 63%) 757. 20 765. 00 744. 85 744. 85

1 . Exponential Shifting Average -- EMA

The two 100 days EMA and 200 days EMA present an upwards trend from April 2009. This, exponentially boosted by the fact that the share is trading above the shifting averages while on eleventh August, is a superb indication for the long placement in the inventory. Also, the 100 days EMA features moved above the 200 days and nights EMA and the two appear to be diverging, indicating a good upward momentum pertaining to the share.

2 . Shifting Average Affluence Divergence – MACD

The MACD and the Signal collection have typically stayed over a zero range since 04 2009, even more complimenting an upward momentum in the share. Also, the MACD stayed above the sign line for most part of this era, suggesting a bullish tendency. However , MACD has dipped below the transmission line within the last 15 days, implying marginal bearishness in the stock, which is in addition a reflection in the market location over the past month. 3. Value Rate of Change – ROC

The ROC provides stayed over a zero collection since Apr 09 apart from couple of key fluctuations which has been caused due to a major fall in the cost during the end of June09 which remedied itself practically immediately (This decline can be not captured in the charts). This pattern further indicates increasing upward...