Essay regarding testing and winding of induction electric motor

CE. 1 . 1Introduction

CRONOLOGY: - 1 By 2003 to at least one Apr 2003.

GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION: -- V. V. P. Anatomist College,

Vajadi Virda, Kalavad highway, Rajkot,

Gujarat State, India. 360 005


ORGANIZATION: Sixth is v. V. L. ENGINERING UNIVERSITY, Rajkot, Gujarat stae.


For completing the bachelor associated with an electrical engineering I had to complete the project within the last semester for V. V. P. Anatomist College which can be under the Saurashtra University. A brief history of the motor unit was, the induction motor unit was basically developed through the invention from the electromagnets. Because an electrical industrial engineer the inauguration ? introduction motor can be one, which usually attracts me personally to know more regarding the inauguration ? introduction motor development. So I chose to take the task testing turning and assembling of a 3-phase induction electric motor.


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I had fashioned undertaken the project of testing turning and building of 3-phase Induction Engine. It was the group project. I had used the job under the assistance of M. R. N. D. Karelia the lecturer of my own college. This individual gave me the specification from the induction electric motor and that was 3 stage, 4 hp, 440volt, 1440rpm which I were required to design and then I had to get the testing turning and the building of the debut ? initiation ? inauguration ? introduction motor. CE1. 2 . 2

The debut ? initiation ? inauguration ? introduction motor is the most important device inside the electrical engineering. In all kind of manufacturing industries the debut ? initiation ? inauguration ? introduction motors are used according to the requirements. So I decided to make the task on screening winding and assembling associated with an induction engine. This was a good chance to improve the theoretical knowledge of induction motor by making the working model of an inauguration ? introduction motor.

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There are two key types of your induction motor which are used sole phase debut ? initiation ? inauguration ? introduction motor as well as the three phase induction engine. I had style the three period induction motor unit. I had design the induction motor on paper with making the good records of all the data and compared to the working style with the same specification. I had fashioned to show the data for the designing the motor to my information for get the approval of the project tips for design the motor. The induction motor is the electric device which in turn converts the electrical energy in mechanical result. The objective of the induction engine is to style the engine, understanding the winding used, building of the debut ? initiation ? inauguration ? introduction motor and different type of tests of an inauguration ? introduction motor with construction detail of stator and rotor.

I understand this detail in induction motor unit.

construction of induction motor's rotor and stator

Tests of inauguration ? introduction motor.

Operation characteristics

Winding of an debut ? initiation ? inauguration ? introduction motor.

Style the induction motor.

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Corporation structure is given bellow:

I had formed reporting to our project tutorials for support and examination and once the project was complete it absolutely was to be finally assessed simply by an external evaluator.

Organization structure is given bellow


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I had formed studied the design of an inauguration ? introduction motor inside my previous semesters. It was really simple task to know the testing turning and building of an induction motor. I use also examined all the development detail and testing and winding process in my prior semester.

C. E1. three or more. 2

While i met my project guidebook regarding to decide on the job he gave me a list of assignments among them We selected the project of testing, winding and assembling of debut ? initiation ? inauguration ? introduction motor. Through which I had to create the inauguration ? introduction motor with specification provided by my project guide. It absolutely was quite easy to understand the essential ideas of designing the project for me as I have got...