Essay about The funny in Teaching Rita is clash of cultures

" The comedy in Teaching Rita is done by the collide of nationalities. ” 'Educating Rita' is known as a play where the two key characters, Rita and Honest, are helped bring together in the wonderful world of literature and learning to provide Rita with an education and in addition shows how a comedy can build a clash of cultures. Russell uses humour as being a tool to interact and amuse his market whilst simultaneously dealing with severe topics such as the clash of cultures as well as effects if the two personas are brought together. The clash of cultures among Rita and frank provides to show the divide that appears between the upper and lower category and how that provides comedy by Rita's experience with Frank's academics world.

An example of a clash of civilizations between Rita and Outspoken is in act one picture one, in which frank and Rita initial meet. Honest greets Rita by saying " you are” and Rita reply's by expressing " I am what? ” Russell uses this defective exchange to highlight the difference between the educated upper class language used plus the dialect in the lower classes by exhibiting that Rita does not be familiar with meaning of Franks greetings. The effect in the exchange enlightens the reader on how the stereotypically middle category person can easily see component or which means behind what of the even more intellectual presenter and the whole picture. This misunderstanding by Rita is definitely an example cringe comedy by the fact that her downfall or perhaps misunderstanding contributes to a comedy affect that entertains the reader while likewise showing a lot more serious issue of the culture clash. Another part of the enjoy that highlights the collide of civilizations is the moment Rita comments on a painting in franks room, states it's " very erotic” while frank reply's " Actually I actually don't think We have looked at in in five years”, this kind of example of clash of civilizations comes from the