Essay about The Mini Cooper Tale the Car from the Century

Title: The Tiny Cooper History; The Car of the Century

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1) Exciting build-up

a) Model commissioned

By the second option half of the 1954s, Leonard God, chairman in the British Motor Corporation (BMC), had become convinced of the dependence on a new kind of small car. In 1957, he entrusted engineer Alec Issigonis, the man behind the groundbreaking 1948 Morris Slight, to develop a prototype. The sole stipulations were that it required four car seats, be run by a BMC engine, and be smaller than the cars BMC were making at the moment.

b) Approval for production

Merely seven months after his boss, Leonard Lord, got given the go-ahead, Alec Issigonis acquired two Mini prototypes installed and operating. And by This summer 1958, having been ready to invite Lord to get a ride. " We gone round the functions, and I forced him for a terrible of a velocity – I'm certain he was terrified – however he was i am so happy by its road-holding. All of us stopped outdoors his workplace. He received out of the car and he said, " Go and make it. ””

c) Launch nearing

Having given the prototype the thumbs-up, the boss demanded a creation version within just twelve months. In 1958, plans were made immediately to start production at the fresh production lines in Longbridge and Cowley. Despite the restricted deadline plus the need to straightener out the strange teething trouble along the way, Tiny was all set on schedule. By simply June 1959, around a 100 cars a week were rolling off the assembly lines in preparation due to its August debut.


1) The Compact Solution - A new sizing in roominess: a combination of brilliant design and clever anatomist ensured that Mini usually...

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