Essay about The Superstitious Life

Superstitions are Tired

Superstitions are just like a bad sit depends on you if you believe in it, superstitions depends on " good look” that is a diverse and more satisfied word to talk about destiny, the begging of superstitions will be more like the source of the problems as well as the consequences aren't " awful luck” the actual consequences are " you brake that you pay out it”. The effects are the same inside the superstitions in addition to the " real life” because in case you pass under a ladder anything can along with your head and i believe that could the " poor luck” pertaining to passing within ladder. The " great luck” effects, are also entirely false since one time My spouse and i hit my personal elbow, my mom told me avoid rub yourself and you will obtain good luck, I like to use the suggestions of my mother certainly nothing happened, therefore is kind of fool to believe in superstitions. For many people the superstitions are like part of their particular life and let's always be intelligent you don't depend on the " luck”, life depends on your attitude. Also the " superstitions " vary around the world mainly because in some you can put action is made here means something and maybe in chinese suppliers means another. Traditions are also like " superstitions” because you decide just how things' feeling let's say a good example in some elements of the world in the event you burp on the table you don't need education, but also in India if you don't burp implies that you don't like the foodstuff, so is completely contradictory. But this is my personal opinion and you don't have to comply with my thoughts, everyone can will vary ideas and believe whatever you need. Be yourself and have an enjoyable and very good life. Simply by Ricardo Linares Hernandez third A