Essay about Timeline 1942 Carl Rogers Developed Clientcentered



1942 - Carl Rogers developed client-centered therapy and publishes Counselling and Psychiatric therapy. His strategy encourages esteem and positive regard pertaining to patients. 1952 - The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders can be published. 1954 - Abraham Maslow posts Motivation and Personality, talking about his theory of a pecking order of needs. He will also help found humanistic psychology. 1958 - Harry Harlow posts The Nature of Like, which explain his tests with rhesus monkey's on the importance of connection and appreciate. 1961 - Albert Bandura conducts his now well-known Bobo girl doll experiment. 1963 - Albert Bandura initial describes the idea of observational learning to describe personality development. 1974 - Stanley Milgram publishes Compliance to Specialist, which presented the studies of his famous compliance experiments. 1980 - The DSM-III is usually published.

1990 - Noam Chomsky posts On Nature, Use and Acquisition of Dialect. 1991 - Steven Pinker publishes a write-up in Technology introducing his theory showing how children acquire language, which in turn he later on details additional in his book The Language Behavioral instinct.


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