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Galway Town Council Transport Unit

General public Transport Feasibility Study

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Galway City Council intends to appoint a suitably certified consultant to get a Public Transport Feasibility Study for Galway City. The analysis will have regard to vehicles planning, expansion and pay out patterns inside the adjoining State Council region as represented in Fig. 1 in Appendix 1 ) This is the location that was included in the 1999 Galway Travel and Planning Study.

The research will analyze the feasibility of public transportation options in the area of Bus Fast Transit, Lumination Rail and associated Park and Trip facilities, acquiring account of existing public transportation proposals with particular reference to proposed commuter services for the Dublin/Galway rail line and the Western train corridor.

This kind of Brief specifies the requirements to get the commission rate and possible tenderers will probably be expected to have full account of the Short when submitting their soft submissions. 2 .


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Research Context

Galway City is the regional capital with the Western Region and the better Galway place. The City and its particular hinterland is a huge regional achievement story in recent times. Galway City is selected as a Entrance city inside the National Spatial Strategy. The location currently provides a population of 75, 500 and the Town Development Strategy 2005 – 2011 assignments that the human population will increase to 85, 000 during the course of the program. In recent years the citizenry growth inside the City continues to be increasing more quickly than the additional gateway metropolitan areas outside Dublin. Labour push participation rates and the expansion in total employment have also surpassed the other gateway metropolitan areas outside Dublin. The growth of Galway and its particular hinterland is usually expected to continue. In the latest CSO populace projections, the West can be projected to be the fastest developing region outside the Greater Dublin/Mid East area.

The transport system in Galway Town has not stored pace with all the rapid development and the City is experiencing increasing travel problems and levels of over-crowding. Galway Metropolis is seriously dependant on non-public transport pertaining to travel to operate and to educational institutions with just 4% of commuters frequently using general public transport. Voyage times pertaining to the non-public car will be increasing as well as the road network is near to saturation. This is posing challenges at present for all modes of travel including public travel and will result in problems intended for future advancement transportation, which includes public transportation in the Metropolis. The population of Galway Town and its hinterland is envisaged to develop substantially among now and 2020, elevating from 345, 100 in 2000 to 488, 000 in 2020. This population growth will certainly generate significant additional outings made within the city, and between the Metropolis and the encircling area. It is in this context of the increased development in the city and its environs, as well as the continued regarding the region that the feasibility research on the the options pertaining to the City and its particular environs which include Bus Quick Transit, Mild Rail and Park & Ride is actually required.

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A property use and transportation research, ‘The Galway Transportation and Planning Examine (GTPS)', was jointly entrusted by Galway City Council and Galway County Authorities in 1999. The analysis established the framework for the development of travel in the Metropolis and it's environments over a geographic area encompassing the City and an area of approximately 30 Km radius.

Inside the years 2001 – 2002 Galway City Council and Galway Region...