Essay about Turkeys Observed- Seamus Heaney

Subject: —to take a look at or to view. This gives the reader the impression that the pioet was incredibly attentive to the details of the pets or animals. We think that this was due to beauty of the animals. Turkeys observed was inspired by seeing a row of Christmas Turkeys in a butcher's shop

Composition: each stanza is a quatraine. The poem is drafted in totally free verse without fixed inmiscuirse or beat. The first 4 stanzas are crafted in 3 rd person narrative while the previous stanza is written in 1st person narrative. Lineation: arrangement in line that are ended at the end. " But a turkey cowers in loss of life. a epidermis bag plumped with inky putty.

1 observes them;

Some of the smelly majesty of living:

Pull his throat, pluck him, and look –

In an overture of gobbles;

I get him ranged with his chilly squadrons”

The effect of this: it truly is used to individual ideas and create a feeling of lines/ideas being disjointed & irregular. Especially noticed in " Move his neck, pluck him, and look – He is just another poor forked thing, ”

TONE: a detached surroundings esp inside the 4th stanza. The fact the fact that animals will be dead makes us truly feel pity for them.


Throughout the composition, Heaney character turkey's to humans " in immodest underwear extras of feather I get him ranged with his cold squadrons

This individual once lamented extravagantly”


Beached bare

Extras of down

Red and Retain—alliteration & assonance

Many of these add to the comprehensive description of the turkey.

Transported epithet: " indifferent mortuary”. Taken virtually, the turkey is unsociable towards the community. But basically, Heaney can be indifferent for the turkey. Emphasises the theme of the composition. The poet person does not appreciate the chicken. He contains a mocking dislike for them. This individual finds these people pathetic minus dignity/majesty. This individual shows contempt towards them. The lines wh present this will be: " a skin bag plumped with inky putty. The fuselage is bare, the very pleased wings snapped, the butt fan stripped down to a...