Essay about Vivekananda Phrases

п»їThe History of Universe is the History of few Guys who had BELIEFS in Themselves. Fully stand up, be BOLD, be SOLID

He whom STRUGGLES is preferable to he who have never endeavors


Any development is LIFESTYLE, All anxiete is DEATH

Strength and Manliness happen to be VIRTUE; Some weakness and Cowardice are DESPROVISTO Take Courage and work with. Patience and STEADY WORK – this is the ONLY METHOD Faith, Trust, Faith in Ourselves! Trust, Faith in GOD! This can be secret of GREATNESS Education is not that sum of Information that is certainly put into Mind and operates riot generally there. We want that Education through which CHARACTER is formed Do not be scared of a small Beginning, great points come after Man features Infinite Electric power within Himself, and they can REALISE that Man need to love Other folks, because those others happen to be Himself

Every single SOUL is definitely Potentially DEVINE

Try to become PURE and UNSELFISH this provides the whole of faith

This is the Gist of all Praise to be GENUINE and to carry out GOOD in front of large audiences The Power of APPRECIATE is definitely of higher potency compared to the power of HATE The Timeless Law is usually SELF SACRIFICE not Self Assertion

In this World always take the Position of the GIVER

Wonderful things can be done by superb Sacrifices just

The Remedy for Weakness is definitely not Brooding over Weakness, but thinking of Strength DURABILITY alone is the MEDICINE for the world's Disease

Anything that makes you poor Physically, Intellectually and Mentally, reject since Poison. This individual who even while doing Action can keep his Mind calm is the BEST WORKER When ever all the Wants of the Center will be Vanquished..... then the extremely man will become GOD